Adventures in Agriculture

Agricultural Philosophy and Humor by Audra Brown

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Adventures in Agriculture: Volume 1

Edited collection of the weekly "Adventures in Agriculture" columns written by Audra Brown. Includes a Foreword by Betty Williamson and a preface by the author. 


Reality-inspired true stories about life on the farm.

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 A horse is a horse, of course, of course---but sometimes it has more wheels than hooves. 

Audra Brown was born on the Texas-Arizona border, grew up in West-West-Texas, and is still living and working on the High Plains of New Mexico.

The snow falls, the water freezes, and there’s lots of ice to break. But the cold can bring more than just work and in between water tanks, it’s easy to run into a good time.

Truth is, ground covered in snow (or mostly covered, it doesn’t take as much as you might think) is considerably more fun than ground not covered in snow. Especially if you happen to have a semi-slick piece of something (such as an old pickup bedliner), a rope, some fellow farm-kids, and something to pull it all through the snow.